Trump Biden
Wants to take away our health care plan with no actual replacement Wants to give us an additional option to get a health care plan similar to Medicare if we want it
Denies that the Climate Crisis even exists. Has a plan to invest in sustainable energy to give some hope of averting the worst of the Climate Crisis
Uses taxpayer money to subsidize fossil fuels Wants to end fossil fuel subsidies
Works to take away reproductive choice from women Wants to continue existing reproductive choice
Wants more corporate toadies on the Supreme Court Will initiate a bipartisan review of the Supreme Court for possible reforms
Wants to give public lands away to private profiteers Wants to preserve public lands for the public interest
Appoints his family members to key positions Will avoid conflicts of interest in appointments
Uses his office for his personal profit Will avoid personal financial conflicts of interest
Is trying to destroy public education through Betsy DeVos Supports public education
Says some white supremacists and Nazis are fine people Repudiates racism
Lost a trade war with China that has hurt farmers Will fight for "fair trade"
Calls on his supporters to physically harm his opponents Says he will be a President for all the people
Gave permanent tax cuts to billionaires while cynically providing temporary tax cuts to working people that will soon expire Asks everyone to pay their fair share in taxes
Believes in "trickle down" economics which no economist supports Understands that everyone prospers when those at the bottom prosper first
Never admits he is wrong Admits he was wrong about his crime bill, drug policy and war policy
Many of his top staff have been convicted of crimes and he covers for them with pardons Selects associates for competence