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Measuring Modernity - The US is Not Number One -- Scientific American - December 2003
Ronald Inglehart and Wayne Baker of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor conduct one of the few scientific and systematic measures of modernity. The world map they generate shows how the US has more in common with many fundamentalist Third World countries than it has with Western Industrialized nations. The complete original map is at

A Perspective on Intervening to Help "An Ancient Civilized People"

Gene Roddenberry interviewed in The Humanist Magazine 1991
Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry tells what Star Trek is really about and includes his views of religion, humanism and the future

Packing Pavement - by Jim Beamguard of the Tampa Tribune
The vitality of a city comes from its pedestrians, not its cars. Cars consume enormous amounts of space and radically change the landscape.
A fantastic graphic representation of land use impacts of different transportation modes.

Executive Summary of SB County Study of Alternatives to Widening 101
This study was commissioned by the County of Santa Barbara for a quarter of a million dollars in 1995. It presents a plan for solving regional access problems without widening the freeway. It was never implemented.

Santa Barbara County Public Works - Road Repair Request
Use this form to request road and/or bikeway repairs from Santa Barbara County Road Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works
Mail it to: Road Maintenance Division; County of Santa Barbara; Dept of Public Works; 123 East Anapamu Street; Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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