Selected Published Writings

Trump Was Just Following in Reagan's Footsteps
Montecito Journal - 19 November 2020

Socialism v Capitalism: Why not the Best of Both?
Montecito Journal - 30 August 2018

Thinking Big for a Visionary Future
Unpublished - August 2011 in advance of Obama's Jobs Speech

Public Transit: What Are Our Goals?
Valley Voice and Sierra Club Condor Call Newspapers

Take Back Your Time
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday September 1, 2005

Measure D: Santa Barbaraís Sales Tax Funds Environmental Harm
Valley Voice - Friday June 17, 2005

Bottled water creates many environmental problems
Valley Voice - Friday January 28, 2005

Sam Harris - "The End of Faith" - Humanist Society - 11/20/2004
Humanist Society of Santa Barbara "Secular Circular" - December 2004

Curitiba, Brazil - showing the world how itís done
Valley Voice - Friday May 21, 2004

Schwarzenegger Does Bait-Switch
Santa Barbara News-Press - Wednesday January 14, 2004

Imagine That!
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday October 16, 2003

Take Back Your Time
Valley Voice - Friday August 15, 2003

MTD Fares vs Motorist Taxes
Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday June 29, 2003

Car sharing conserves land and resources
Valley Voice - Friday March 21, 2003

Fuel Cell Follies?
Scientific American - February 2003

Raytheon Shapes Military Policy
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday January 16, 2003

Fear and traffic in the suburbs
Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday December 15, 2002

The joys of bicycling Goleta
Valley Voice - Friday August 9, 2002

Connecting Goleta and Transportation Taxes
Valley Voice - Friday June 21, 2002

Goleta must be a model of safety and accessibility
Santa Barbara News-Press - Thursday March 14, 2002

Charity vs Justice
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday March 15, 2001

Building an Overpass the Caltrans Way
Santa Barbara Independent

Charge By Use to Reward Conservation
Santa Barbara News-Press - 12 August 2000

Capitalism Au Naturel
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday May 4, 2000


The Truth About Bicycle Safety
Santa Barbara News-Press Bike Week Insert - May 2000

East Timor - Why Should We Care?
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday September 23, 1999

The truth is that cars and schools do not mix safely
Santa Barbara News-Press - Wednesday September 29, 1999

Let's remember Ronald Reagan for all of his shameful acts
Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday March 8, 1998

A Little Bit Closer Now: Cities Can Be Made More Livable
Santa Barbara Independent - Thursday February 5, 1998

Integrate Exercise with Life
Santa Barbara Independent - January 1997

Why Subsidize Sprawl, Pollution and Consumption?
Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday May 28, 1995

Retooling America: It is time for new thinking about work and productivity
Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday November 8, 1992

Cover Summary for Article Above

Motorists Must Ensure Safety of Bicyclists
Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday June 14, 1992