The parties will be on the Friday nights after the hike at approximately 8:30  P.M. on the dates shown.  If you attend any of the parties please bring something to eat and/or drink.  At the request of the homeowners and the Val Verde Retirement Center and for the health and enjoyment of all concerned, NO SMOKING is allowed in the homes or at Valle Verde.


JANUARY  11TH  The party will be at Kim Bish’s home in Santa Barbara.  Kim Bish’s home is at 911 North Kellogg.  It is on Kellogg two blocks north of Cathedral Oaks.  For more information call Kim Bish at 1-805-964-1683 or cell phone at 1-805-680-8550.  Slides will be by Dennis Mihora on his recent packtrip to Yerupaja (21,760 feet) via Rondoy Pass and the native peoples of Peru in the cities of Huaraz and Llamac.