The parties will be on the Friday nights after the hike at approximately 8:30  P.M. on the dates shown.  If you attend any of the parties please bring something to eat and/or drink.  At the request of the homeowners and the Val Verde Retirement Center and for the health and enjoyment of all concerned, NO SMOKING is allowed in the homes or at Val Verde.


JANUARY  8TH  2016   The party will be at The Val Verde Retirement Center at 900 Calle De Los Amigos in Santa Barbara.  Their may be residents from the retirement home attending the party.  This is their home and we must all respect that.  These people move slower and I would appreciate if you give them assistance if they need it and be aware of the fact that they may be slower than the Sierra Club hikers.  Parking is on Calle De Los Amigos in front of the main building at 900 Calle De Los Amigos.  Facing the building at 900 Calle DeLos Amigos, go to the right side of the Administration building and walk up the sidewalk there to the Theater where the Potluck Party will be.   The slides will be by Rich Scholl on five weeks in Germany with six people in a van.


FEBRUARY  12TH   The party will be at TBD home. The slides will be by  TBD.


MARCH  11TH   The party will be at TBD home. The slides will be Anna Cummings  on Paris.