The parties will be on Friday night after the hike between approximately 8:30 and 9:00 P.M. on the dates shown. If you attend any of the parties please bring something to eat and/or drink. If you don't bring something please don't eat or drink what others have brought. At the request of the homeowners and for the health and enjoyment of all concerned, NO SMOKING is allowed in the homes.


OCTOBER 12TH The party will be at KAREN GUMTOW’S house. Karen Gumtow’s house is at 2797 Ben Lomond. For more information call Karen Gumtow at 450-7450. The slides will be by Robert Bernstein on his recent trip to the Galapagos.


NOVEMBER 9TH The party will be at Martha Sadler’s house. Martha Sadler’s house is at 1205 Bath Street Apt 1 near the corner of Anapamu and Bath. The slides will by Sally Fouhse on Panama.


DECEMBER 14TH The party will be at KEN CROMBIE’S house. Ken Crombie's house is at 4578 Camino Molinero. For more information call Ken Crombie at *82-964-8521. The slides will be by Rich Scholl on Costa Rica and Panama.


JANUARY 11TH The party will be at SYLVIA SIFUENTES house. Sylvia Sifuentes’s house is at 297 Brentwood Way in Goleta. For more information call Sylvia Sifuntes at 451-7570. The slides are TBD.