The parties will be on Friday night after the hike between approximately 8:30 and 9:00 P.M. on the dates shown.  If you attend any of the parties please bring something to eat and/or drink.  If you don't bring something please don't eat or drink what others have brought.  At the request of the homeowners and for the health and enjoyment of all concerned, NO SMOKING is allowed in the homes.


MARCH 12TH      The party will be at MARTIN and SARAH PATTISON’S house in Goleta. Martin and Sarah Pattison’s house is at 26 Mendocino in Goleta.  To get to Martin and Sarah’s home in Goleta take the 101 Freeway to the Glen Annie/Storke Road offramp.  After exiting the freeway go straight through the stoplight onto Calle Real and the fifth street from the stoplight is Mendocino.  Turn right on Mendocino and look for 26 in the first few houses. There will be a presentation by Jill Toomey on the Red Cross and Disaster Preparedness.


APRIL 9TH    The party will be at CHARLIE ANDERA’S house.  Charlie Andera’s house is at 1509 Dover Road on the Riviera in Santa Barbara.  To get to Charlie’s house take APS from the Mission until you pass Jimeno Road and then Brooks Institute.  The next left off APS is Dover Road.  Continue around the curve on Dover Road to 1509 and Charlie’s house. For more information call Charlie Andera at 280-9667.    The slides will be by Robert Bernstein on Burning Man. Warning: Some images of nudity!


MAY 14TH   The party will be at KAREN GUMTOW’S house.  Karen Gumtow’s house is at 2797 Ben Lomond In Mission Canyon Heights.  To get to Karen’s house from the Mission take Los Olivos which turns into Mission Canyon Road to Foothill Road.  Turn right on Foothill and at the next intersection turn left onto Mission Canyon Road.  At the next intersection stay to the left and onto Tunnel Road.  At the next intersection on Tunnel Road turn left onto Montrose Place.  Take the first left onto Williams Way.   and take the second left on Williams Way to Cheltenham Road.  Take the first left off Cheltenham Road onto Ben Lomond and look for 2797.  For more information call Karen Gumtow at 450-7450.  Slides will be by Susan Shields on Morocco.


JUNE 21ST The party will be at BOB AND LYNN BURTNESS’ elegantly appointed home featured in the Santa Barbara News Press.  Bob and Lynn Burtness’ home is at 1580 Oramas Road.  Park on Oramas Road, near California Street, walk to the mailbox on Oramas Road with the address 1580 on it and follow the steps from the mailbox to Bob and Lynn’s home.  For more information call Bob or Lynn at 962-1452.   Slides will be by Bob Burtness on TBD.


JULY 9TH   The party will be at KEN CROMBIE’S house.  Ken Crombie's house is at 4578 Camino Molinero.  For more information call Ken Crombie at *82-964-8521. at TBD house. The slides will be by  Sally Fouhse on Nepal.


AUGUST   13TH    The party will be at TBD house.  The slides will be by Rich Scholl on TBD.


SEPTEMBER 10TH   The party will be at TBD house.  The slides are TBD.


OCTOBER 8TH    The party will be at  TBD house.  The slides will be by Juliane Heyman on Northern Brazil.