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Family/Friends - Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013

Yashar Family Thanksgiving/Hanukkah
Yashar Family

Mountain View Shoreline Park
Mountain View
Shoreline Park

Cartoon Art Museum - 29 November 2013
Art Museum

Union Square Tree Lighting
Union Square
Tree Lighting

Exploratorium - 30 November 2013
San Francisco

Chancellor Hotel Magic Show - 30 November 2013
Chancellor Hotel
Magic Show

Farmers Market Walk - 1 December 2013
San Francisco
Farmer's Market Walk

Asian Art Museum
San Francisco
Asian Art Museum

Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park and
Muni Breakdown

Union Square Ice Skating
Union Square
Ice Skating

Bishop Peak Hike San Luis Obispo
Bishop Peak Hike
San Luis Obispo

Miscellaneous Travel Photos
Travel Photos

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