2018 November Election Endorsements – As of 29 October 2018



Feel free to offer suggested changes!

Below is how I plan to vote and/or my endorsements. Yes, this as an absurdly long ballot!

First, the State and Federal positions:

Governor: Gavin Newsom

Lieutenant Governor: Eleni Kounalakis (Ed Hernandez is OK, too)

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty T Yee

Treasurer: Fiona Ma

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

Board of Equalization: Malia Cohen

United States Senator: Kevin de Leσn (No risk. If he loses we keep Feinstein)

US Representative: Salud Carbajal

State Assembly: Monique Limσn
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond


Santa Barbara Community College District Trustee: UPDATED 10/29/18!

Area 2: Robert Miller

Area 5: Darcιl Elliott – The Independent and some of my friends recommend Marsha Croninger who is the incumbent

Area 6: Jonathan Abboud

Area 7: Kate Parker


Santa Barbara Unified School District Governing Board Member

Ismael Paredes Ulloa, Rose Munoz (Democratic Women endorsements)


Goleta Union School District Governing Board Member

Luz Reyes-Martin (a friend who is on our Sierra Club ExCom)

Richard Mayer (another friend)

Carin Ezal - Incumbent

(Bruce Wallach stated at a recent forum that he wants armed guards with flack jackets posted in the schools. I think not!)


City of Goleta Mayor

Paula Perotte – I have been disappointed in her leadership on making Old Town Goleta bicycle and pedestrian friendly. But her opponent has voted for even more big development, so she is better.


Goleta City Council

James Kyriaco

The other guy (Aceves) has lied about his intentions from the beginning. Unfortunately he has no opponent. Do NOT vote for him!


Goleta Water District

Kathleen Werner

Matias Eusterbrock

State Propositions:
NO ON PROP 3: WATER BOND – Based on Sierra Club Endorsement

NO ON PROP 4: CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL BOND – This is a subsidy for private hospitals. Much better to use this $1.5B for a public health care system that works for everyone.

NO ON PROP 5: PROPERTY TAX – Another tax break for a select few

NO ON PROP 6: GAS TAX REPEAL – Private motor vehicle use is subsidized at the rate of about $50-100 billion/year in California. The fuel tax is utterly inadequate to pay the true costs. If we are trying to give a break to the poor, give them cash (or free transit) rather than subsidizing driving even more.

YES ON PROP 7: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS – I personally would like to see Daylight Savings stay year round. This does not set any policy. But it allows California to study the issue and put it to the voters at a later time. UPDATED 10/25/18

YES ON PROP 8: DIALYSIS CLINIC REGULATION – Democratic Women Endorsement – Some clinics are threatening to close if this passes. So what? Then we can build public clinics to provide better service at lower cost. It is an empty threat.

YES ON PROP 10: REPEAL COSTA HAWKINS – This simply allows local governments to develop their own rental policies. This is currently outlawed.

NO ON PROP 11: AMBULANCE DRIVERS ON CALL – The only donor to this campaign is the for-profit ambulance company AMR. They are trying to avoid paying their employees for calls made while on legally-mandated breaks. Why do we have for-profit ambulances at all?

YES ON PROP 12: INCREASES CONFINEMENT SPACE FOR FARM ANIMALS – Endorsed by Humane Society of the US. But opposed by the Humane Farming Association and PETA who say it does not go far enough. After much deliberation and help from friends I have decided to endorse this. It is a small step, but it is a helpful step.

Santa Barbara County:


MEASURE G2018: YES on fair redistricting. G is GOOD!


MEASURE H2018: NO on the redistricting plan created by North County Oil Companies. H is HORRIBLE!


Goleta City:

MEASURE W2018: YES to pay our Mayor and City Council members a fair wage


MEASURE Z2018: YES to tax Cannabis at a fair rate


Santa Barbara City:

Measure B: YES! Allows Santa Barbara City elections to be held in even number years. This will greatly increase poor and minority participation.



All those Judges? In general, about all we have to go on is who appointed them. Below are my endorsements based on who appointed them.


UPDATE 10/29/18:

Carol A. Corrigan was appointed by Schwarzenegger, but Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson says she is good. However, I have learned that she is often a swing vote. In particular, she was the critical vote that went against same-sex marriage. Our next governor can appoint someone who will stand for the public interest consistently, rather than being a swing vote. I am therefore changing my endorsement to NO.


Here goes with the Judges in order of appearance on the ballot:


Carol A. Corrigan: NO as noted above


Leondra R. Kruger: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Victoria G. Chaney: NO — Appointed and nominated by two Republican Governors: Schwarzenegger and Deukmejian .


Helen Bendix: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Elwood G. Lui: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Victoria M. Chavez: NO — Appointed by Schwarzenegger


Luis A. Lavin: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Halim Dhanidina: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Anne H. Egerton: YES — Appointed to different courts by two Democratic Governors: Gray Davis and Jerry Brown


Nora M. Manella: NO — Appointed by Deukmejian


Thomas Willhite: NO — Appointed by Schwarzenegger


Doris C. Kim: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Carl H. Moor: YES  - Appointed by Jerry Brown


Lamar W. Baker: YES  - Appointed by Jerry Brown


Arthur Gilbert: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown in 1982


Martin Tangeman: YES - Appointed by Jerry Brown


Gail R. Feuer: YES - Appointed by both Republican and Democratic Governors. (Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown)


John Segal: YES — Appointed by Jerry Brown


Tricia (Patricia) A. Bigelow: NO - Appointed by Schwarzenegger